Retail, commercial and mixed-use

From complex site assembly to city and town centre regeneration, we work with developers and local authorities to bring sites into effective use. We work proactively with the project team to engage with neighbours and stakeholders to support the planning application and then the build programme as the site comes to life.

Premier Inn, Epsom, Surrey

Chelgate Local is assisted Whitbread Plc, which owns Premier Inn, with community consultation and stakeholder engagement around the redevelopment of the Camrades’ Club in Epsom.

Following a successful communications programme, Whitbread was given permission to create a new Camrades’ Club and a 57-bedroom hotel near the town centre in 2016.

Cardinal Place, Victoria Street, London

Regeneration of the north side of Victoria Street by Land Securities to create some 49,100 sq. m of offices in two buildings and 8,400 sq. m of retail and restaurant accommodation. Chelgate carried out political, community and stakeholder engagement for the project. Cardinal Place has proved to be one of the first building blocks in the wider regeneration of the area.

Malton, North Yorkshire

Regeneration of the Cattle Market in Malton Town Centre for the Fitzwilliam Estates, to create an anchor supermarket, four retail units and a car park. Chelgate Local handled the community and political engagement for the project, including mounting a concerted opposition campaign to a proposed large superstore on the edge of town centre edge. This out of town development, which gained significant local opposition, had the potential of sucking custom away from the town centre businesses.

Center Parcs, Woburn, Bedfordshire

A new leisure village in Woburn required comprehensive stakeholder engagement and community consultation for several years prior to planning. It opened in the spring of 2015. Chelgate also handled a similar programme prior to the Longleat Centre Parcs back in 1992.