Current Stage

Pre submission consultation on final draft (minimum of 8 weeks) is expected between November 2016 and January 2017. The submission to planning inspectorate for examination for Spring 2017 with examinations in public for late Spring 2017.


Expected adoption and publications is Summer 2017.

Harlow Council vote puts local plans in jeopardy (Sept 2016)

Epping Forest draft local plan includes 3,900 new homes around the south, west and east of Harlow


Current Stage

The Council is currently having a consultation open until 8th March 2016, and are consulting on:

• Refined Options for Delivering New Homes
• Draft Vision and Strategic Priorities
• This is a refreshed consultation to the one that started on 27th November 2015 and was stopped on 14th January 2016.

Next Stage

The Council intends to publish its Local Plan in Autumn 2016, where it will be open for further formal representations for six weeks. After this, the Council will submit its Plan, along with any formal representations to the Secretary of State in the Winter of 2016. The Council hopes that a Planning Inspector will examine the Plan in the Spring of 2017 for legal compliance and soundness.

Intended Adoption Date

The Council intends to adopt the Plan in the Summer of 2017.


The Hastings Local Plan is made up of a series of documents that will be updated and replaced over time. The Council hopes to adopt the new DPD around November/December 2016.


Current Position

The public consultation for the Local Plan Housing Statement is the first step in the review of the Adopted Local Plan ran from 25 July 2016 to 9 September 2016.

Next Stage

The comments received from the Local Plan Housing Statement are currently being read through and analysed. In due course the Borough Council’s Cabinet will consider the comments which have been made through the consultation.


Current Position

The Council adopted the Core Strategy in January 2013. Following this both the Elstree Way Corridor Area Action Plan was adopted and the Site Allocation and Development Management (SADM) Policies Plan were adopted in July 2015. This was following independent examinations, and so are given the full weight when the Council determine planning applications.

Next Stage

The Local Plan is intended to be submitted in 2017 followed by an examination period (regulation 24) between 2017/2018.


Adoption of the Local Plan is intended for 2018.


On 27th November 2015 Horsham District Council adopted the Horsham District Planning Framework which sets out the planning strategy for the years up to 2031 to deliver the social, economic and environmental needs for the district (outside the South Downs National Park).


Background and Current Stage

Stage One started with a consultation started in February 2012 and closed in June 2012. This included looking at sustainability and was followed by an Issues and Options consultation. These consultations aimed to look at key issues and potential areas for housing growth. Stage Two began with a further consultation which was opened in August 2012 to look at different options including how many homes should be planned for, comment on draft site allocations and policies to manage development. In Stage Three, there was a consultation on the first complete draft of the Local Plan, which took into account responses received during the previous stages. The consultation in Stage Three also incorporated sites which were put forward and contributed to the strategy. Landowners and developers also suggested some additional sites which were assessed in the Environmental Capacity Study: Additional Site Assessments. This study was consulted on at the end of 2013 and comments and responses were received on the Stage Three documents and used to help shape Stage Four of the Local Plan 2036.

Stage Four of the Local Plan began in January 2015 and started with targeted engagement with key stakeholders, which included:

• All local Town and Parish Councils;
• Bodies that the Council has a Duty to Cooperate with, such as the Environment Agency and neighbouring councils;
• Environmental Bodies; and
• Land owners and agents for sites proposed for allocation in the plan.

The consultation closed in March 2015.

The Local Development Scheme was released in March 2016 and an update to the timetable was provided to Cabinet on 22 September 2016.

Next Stage

Growth and Infrastructure Investment and Delivery Plan and Growth Viability Assessment will commence from October 2016 to April 2017. Following this, the Statutory consultation on proposed submission to Local Plan is expected between May and June 2017. The submission of the Local Plan to the Secretary of State is expected for November 2017.


The estimated date of adoption is June 2019.