Current Stage

The Council published a Preliminary Draft Local Plan for public consultation on 12th February 2016, which is due to close on Thursday 24th March 2016. The Preliminary Draft Local Plan identifies key planning issues and sets out draft planning policies, with the aim that the Local Plan will indicate:

• Which places should grow:
• Which sites should be developed for jobs and housing;
• Which green spaces should be protected; and
• What new development should look like and how community-led development can be supported.

The Local Plan was adopted by the Council on 21 April 2015 and the Local Plan replaced the Core Strategy as the statutory development plan for East Cambridgeshire.

Next Stage

A further Draft Local Plan will be published for consultation around August-October 2016 and following the consultation period all comments will made available on the consultation portal. This second consultation will set out the Council’s preferred allocation sites.

The Pre Submission Publication will be published February 2017 and will include a six-week period when the Council will receive formal representations on the Local Plan. This six-week period will close in March 2017. Following this, in May 2017 the Council will submit the Local Plan along with any formal representations to the Secretary of State.

The Local Plan will then be submitted to an independent planning inspector. These dates are set by the planning inspector, but it is expected that the Independent Examination Hearing will be around September – October 2017. The Inspector will then report on whether the Plan is ‘Sound’ or ‘Not Sound’ and make any recommendations with which the Plan can be made ‘Sound’. This is estimated to be around December 2017.

Intended Adoption Date

The Council will need to formally adopt the Local Plan when it can be used in future planning decisions and the adoption date is currently estimated to be in February 2018.


The new Local Plan is split into three – Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

• May 2014: Local Plan Part 1 (Joint Core Strategy) is adopted;
• Spring 2016: Local Plan Part 2 due to be adopted; and
• Dec 2016: Local Plan Part 3 due to be adopted.


The Council has published its draft Local Plan, together with Infrastructure Delivery Plan on September 6, ahead of its District Planning Panel Executive meeting on September 15 which will recommend the draft plan to the council.

The pre-submission District Plan was agreed by Council on 22nd September 2016.

Gilston, North of Harlow, has caused some controversy with Harlow Council wanting significant numbers of new homes to go there instead of to the south and west of the town. EHDC has rejected this and although Gilston will ultimately accommodate 10,000 new homes, only 3,000 will be built during this plan period up until 2033.

Harlow Council vote puts local plans in jeopardy (Sept 2016)


The Eastbourne Core Strategy Local Plan sets out the key direction and planning framework for Eastbourne. It was adopted by Full Council on 20th February 2013 alongside the Policies Map.


Current Stage

The Council closed its consultation on an Issues and Options document to inform the preparation of the Local Plan on 17th February 2016.

Next Stage

The Council will publish a Publication of Pre-Submission Local Plan between June and July 2016. Following this, the Council hopes to submit the Plan to the Secretary of State in November 2016, so that the independent examination can take place in January 2017 and receive the inspector’s final report in June 2017,

Intended Adoption Date

The Council hopes to adopt the Plan in September 2017.


Current Stage

14 September 2016 Elmbridge Borough Council adopted a new Local Development Scheme that sets out the work programme up to 2019.

Next Stage

As part of the Local Development Scheme, the Strategic Options Consultation will begin in January 2017. Consultation on preferred to approach to Spatial Strategy and Policies – Including site allocations and designations will commence in July 2017.

Intended Adoption Date

Adoption expected for September 2018.


Epping Forest should approve its Draft Local Plan at Council on October 18, and will undertake Regulation 18 consultation from the end of October until mid-December. The plan will be finalised and submitted for Inspection during 2017 ready for adoption in 2018.

Harlow Council vote puts local plans in jeopardy (Sept 2016)

Epping Forest draft local plan includes 3,900 new homes around the south, west and east of Harlow


Current Stage

Epsom and Ewell Council is undergoing a partial review of the Core Strategy Review and replacement of the Core Strategy Housing policies to identify local demand and the areas where these can be delivered. This review aims to be finished by March 2016.

Next Stage

The Council aims to submit its plan to the Secretary of State in June 2017 and hopes that the pre-examination meeting will be September 2017. After this, the Council hopes there will be a public hearing in November 2017.

Intended Adoption Date

The Council hopes to adopt the new Local Plan in Spring 2018.